Some Mountains, Hills and Summits of Great Britain

These pages feature some of the many mountains, hills, fells, summits and high points in Britain. The criteria for inclusion are that (1) I've climbed the hill in question, and (2) that I've taken a photo at the summit. Wherever possible there is also a picture of the hill from a neighbouring summit or adjacent valley, or a picture of the view from the top.

See the home page for an explanation of the status terms (Munro, Corbett, Marylin, Hewitt, et al).

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Dunkery Beacon

Location: Exmoor, Somerset
Grid Ref: SS 891415
Height: 1703 ft (519 m)
Status:  Marilyn, County Top (Somerset)

Notes: Dunkery Beacon is the highest summit of Exmoor, a national park that straddles the counties of Devon and Somerset close to the Bristol Channel coast. Although much of Exmoor is heath, moor and rough pasture, the summit of Dunkery Beacon itself is quite stony. As well as the usual OS trig pillar the summit features an enormous cairn and a topograph. The summit is only a few hundred metres from the lonely Luccombe to Wheddon Cross road, though walkers wanting to make it part of a worthwhile expedition might like to tackle it from Porlock, via the valley of Horner Water. The view is extensive and includes much of Exmoor, extending across Devon to Dartmoor, across Somerset to the Quantocks and across the Bristol Channel to Wales. On the clearest days the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons might just be glimpsed.


Location: Brecon Beacons
Grid Ref: SO 005206
Height: 2703 ft (824 m)
Status: Buxton & Lewis

Notes: An outlier of Pen y Fan, and one of the few hills found exclusively on Buxton & Lewis's list. It's an excellent viewpoint for Pen y Fan and Corn Du and is only three or four minutes' diversion from the main ascent track from Storey Arms.

Eagle Crag

Location: Lake District, Central Fells
Grid Ref: NY 276121
Height: 1722 ft (525 m)
Status: Wainwright

Notes: Eagle Crag stands at the head of the Stonethwaite valley south of Borrowdale. Although it looks quite daunting from down in the valley it is really just a top of High Raise. The ascent is not difficult, involving an approach via Greenup then a crossing of some pathless terrain to gain the summit from the southeast. The bulk of High Raise shuts out most of the panomara through the eastern arc while Glaramara limits that to the west, so the best views to be had from the top are to the north (illustrated) and south.

Eildon Mid Hill

Location: Southern Uplands. Melrose
Grid Ref: NT 548322
Height: 1385ft (422 m)
Status: Marilyn

Notes: Eildon Mid Hill is the highest of a group of three hills that stand in isolation south of the town of Melrose, in the Tweed valley. Their isolation among the plains of the Tweed make them superb viewpoints, and some two thousand years ago a Roman signal station was sited on the north hill, barely a mile away. The summit of Eildon Mid Hill is only a few hundred metres off the route of St Cuthberts Way, which crosses the col between the mid and north hills, and the hill can be climbed from Melrose in well under an hour. There is a topograph on the summit but it is badly worn - however, the view encompasses the Cheviots, the Ettrick Hills, Yair Forest, the Meldons, Moorfoots, Pentlands and Lammermuirs, as well as the towns of St Boswells and Galashiels.


Location: Lake District, Eastern Fells
Grid Ref: NY 358117
Height: 2863 ft (873 m)
Status: Wainwright, Marilyn, Hewitt, Nuttall

Notes: This celebrated fell, laying at the apex of three ridges between Grasmere and Kirkstone Pass, is the 14th highest summit in England and is not far short of Munro height. Its southeastern and southwestern ridges form the famous Fairfield Horseshoe, an excellent full day circular walk from Ambleside. The northeast ridge is also full of interest, including the impressive height of St Sunday Crag as well as the awkward little topknott of Cofa Pike. Views are glorious, that to the north especially, across Grizedale Tarn towards Helvellyn and Striding Edge. The pass of Grizedale offers ascent routes from Grasmere and from Patterdale, though the climb from Grizedale Hause is very steep. Perhaps the easiest way up is from Grasmere via Stone Arthur and Great Rigg.

Fell Head

Location: Howgill Fells
Grid Ref: SD 649981
Height: 2100 ft (640 m)
Status: Hewitt, Nuttall

Notes: A lonely fell in the northwest of the Howgills, Fell Head looms above the M6 motorway from the east as it runs through the narrow gap in the hills between Kendal and Penrith. As such it is seen by tens of thousands of people every day yet visited by only a tiny fraction. Equally lonely hills fill the panorama in every direction. A path rises to the summit from Howgill farm down in the valley, though it is probably approached more often along the ridge path from The Calf.


Location: Lake District, Western Fells
Grid Ref: NY 132242
Height: 1365 ft (416 m)
Status: Wainwright, Clement

Notes: The northernmost top of the range of hills laying between the Vale of Lorton and Loweswater, Fellbarrow is an extensive hill of rough pasture. It can be climbed from Thackthwaite or from Low Lorton. Standing as it does on the edge of the Lakeland hils it commands an extensive view of the Cumbrian coastal plain, and on clear days Scotland is visible across the Solway Firth. Fellwards, the Grasmoor group takes pride of place amongst the extensive panorama of fells.

Firle Beacon

Location: South Downs, East Sussex
Grid Ref: TQ 485059
Height: 713 ft (217 m)
Status:  Marylin

Notes: Firle Beacon is a fine grassy top, the highest point of the South Downs between Alfriston and Southease. The seven mile walk between the two locations makes for a fine half day expitition, although there are two car parks right on the ridgeline a mile east and west of the summit respectively, for those who like their summit conquests to be easy. Newhaven and its harbour are well seen to the south, Lewes and Cliffe Hill are nearby to the north, while the ridge of the South Downs itself stretches away both east and west.

Foel Fynyddau

Location: Afan Forest
Grid Ref: SS 782935
Height: 1214 ft (370 m)
Status: Marylin, Clement

Notes: Foel Fynyddau stands a couple of miles north of the town of Cwmafan, near Port Talbot in south Wales, and can be reached via lanes and paths from the town in about an hour. The hill is mostly surrounded by forest but there is a pleasant panorama of the surrounding hill country and a pleasing vista down the Afan valley towards Port Talbot. Somerset is in view across the Bristol channel.

Freeholds Top

Location: South Pennines
Grid Ref: SD 906218
Height: 1493 ft (455 m)
Status: Marylin

Notes: Freeholds Top is a moorland summit in the southern Pennines, lying about two miles south west of Todmorden in upper Calderdale, close to the Yorkshire / Lancashire border. There are plenty of approach routes (though not as many paths on the fell as the map suggests there are), and the easiest approach is probably from Gauxholme at the south end of Todmorden, from where a series of paths and tracks loop around the east and south sides of the fell via several upland farms and old mine workings. The walk is pleasant enough although the summit is rather dull. It is unusual in having a tarn adjacent to the trig pillar. There is not much foreground interest but there are extensive views of other Pennine tops and perhaps the most obvious feature is the obelisk of Stoodley Pike, a few miles away on the other side of Calderdale.


Location: Lake District, Far Eastern Fells
Grid Ref: NY 435085
Height: 2362 ft (720 m)
Status: Hewitt, Nuttall, Wainwright

Notes: Froswick mimics its southern neighbour, Ill Bell, in that it appears as a shapely pyramid from most directions. It lays on the Ill Bell ridge between Troutbeck and Kentmere and is normally climbed as part of the Ill Bell ridgewalk or the Kentmere horseshoe. Kentmere lays to the east and Windermere to the southwest, but most of the panorama consists of other Lakeland fells, notably the Fairfield and Helvellyn groups through the northwestern arc and High Street and its neighbours o the north.

Garth Hill

Location: Taff Vale
Grid Ref: ST 103835
Height: 1007 ft (307 m)
Status: Marylin

Notes: A most pleasant little hill which stands above Taffs Well to the west, and is the nearest Marylin to Cardiff. It's a climb of about 75 minutes from Taffs Well railway station, rather steep in places; drivers can cheat by parking up on the road that runs high around the south slopes of the hill from where it's a mere 20 minutes to the top. Cattle and sheep graze the heathland summit, which boasts a superb view over the Welsh capital. Exmoor can be seen far top the south across the Bristol channel, while the Brecon Beacons can be seen to the north.

Gategill Fell Top

Location: Lake District, Northern Fells
Grid Ref: NY 317273
Height: 2792 ft (851 m)
Status: Nuttall

Notes: The west top of Blencathra. From Blencathra's principal summit, Hallsfell, Gategill Fell Top appears as a distinct pyramid shape further west along the summit ridge. It's invariably visited as part of Blencathra's ridge walk and yields excellent views each way along the ridge, south and southwest across Derwentwater to the bulk of the Lakeland fells, and westwards to Skiddaw.

Gibson Knott

Location: Lake District, Central Fells
Grid Ref: NY 317100
Height: 1378 ft (420 m)
Status: Wainwright

Notes: An unfrequented fell, the highest on High Raise's lateral ridge that terminates in Helm Crag above Grasmere. Gibson Knott is unusually rocky for a fell of such modest height and its climb is not without effort - the most usual approach is from Grasmere via Helm Crag. The view is restricted by higher fells in most directions, but Grasmere looks delightful from here.


Location: Lake District, Southern Fells
Grid Ref: NY 246104
Height: 2569 ft (783 m)
Status: Wainwright, Hewitt, Nuttall

Notes: Glaramara is an evocative name, and the fell that bears it is a popular destination for walkers. Part of the complex northeast ridge of Scafell Pike, it looms large in the mountain panorama south of Borrowdale. Glaramara, indeed the whole ridge of which it forms a part, is formed of rough terrain of volcanic origin. Hence all walks hereabouts involve a good deal of clambering and many ups and downs over satellite tops, and Glaramara is not easily won. It is normally climbed from the south, in conjunction with Allen Crags. The summit is confusing, having two tops about 150 metres apart, each with two cairns. Which is highest is still a matter of conjecture - the picture here is the north cairn of the south summit. Views are glorious in all directions.

Glas Maol

Location: Scottish Highlands, Mounth
Grid Ref: NO 166765
Height: 3540 ft (1068 m)
Status: Munro, Murdo, Marilyn, County Top  (Angus)

Notes: Glas Maol is easy to ascend given that it stands not much over a mile from the highest point of the A93 between Braemar and Blairgowrie, and a straightforward ascent of only 1500 ft or so is necessary to attain the summit. Glas Maol may be administratively important (it's the meeting point of Aberdeenshire, Perthshire and Angus) but aesthetically it's dull, being a relatively shapeless grassy lump. In the portrait image, left, it's seen from nearby Cairn of Claise. There are satisfying views of the Cairngorms and the Mounth, while further afield the Ochils are visible to the south.

Glas Tulaichean

Location: Scottish Highlands, Mounth
Grid Ref: NO 051760
Height: 3448 ft (1051 m)
Status: Munro, Murdo, Marilyn

Notes: A hill situated a few miles northwest of Spittal of Glenshee on the edge of some very remote country. Most guidebooks would have you take a roundabout and pathless route to this summit, ignoring the perfectly good landrover track all the way from Spittal of Glenshee to within a hundred metres of the summit. Whichever way you prefer to get there, adventurous or straightforward, the view repays your efforts tenfold. The western Mounth and the Cairngorms dominate the view but there is also an interesting panorama to the east snd southeast, ranging from Lochnagar and its neighbours through the Sidlaw hills to East and West Lomond in Fife.

Glastonbury Tor (a.k.a. Tor Hill)

Location: Somerset
Grid Ref: ST 512386
Height: 518 ft (158 m)
Status: sub-Marilyn

Notes: One of several conicals hills that rise from the fenland of the Somerset Levels, Glastonbury Tor is a hill surrounded by myth and legend. It is reputed to be the burial place of the Holy Grail and is also mixed up in the Arthurian legends. The tower on the hill, which stands immediately southeast of the town of Glastonbury, is the remains of a church that was struck by lightning several hundred years ago. The hill has a topograph and boasts superb views over the Somerset levels and north to the Mendips (Wells cathedral can easily be seen). There's a good path up from the town.

Glenridding Dodd

Location: Lake District, Eastern Fells
Grid Ref: NY 381176
Height: 1425 ft (442 m)
Status: Wainwright

Notes: Glenridding Dodd stands immediately north of the village of Glenridding, at the head of Ullswater. The fell is of modest height but is a real sod to ascend, primarily due to the difficulty of access but also because of the rough, pathless and liberally wooded slopes. If you do make the effort and struggle to the top you are rewarded with one of the most glorious views in Lakeland - the head of Ullswater to the south and an end-on view of the greater part of the same lake to the northeast.

Gowbarrow Fell

Location: Lake District, Eastern Fells
Grid Ref: NY 407218
Height: 1578 ft (481 m)
Status: Wainwright

Notes: Gowbarrow is a sprawling area of rough, hummocky moorland laying northwest of Ullswater and east of the Matterdale road. The famous waterfall of Aira Force lays at its southwest corner by Park Brow Foot. From here a path runs around the south and east sides of the fell to a point known as the "shooting box" from where the summit can best be tackled. A great many sketchy paths run over the fell, but their exploration is best left to a sunny day as Gowbarrow is a sombre and unwelcoming place in bad weather.

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