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Got up and had breakfast at about the same time. The weather was very promising again, with just a little more cloud than the previous day but still very warm. I went down to the village to buy more film. I wasn't feeling like much exertion in the morning so I decided to tackle walk 6 in the tourist information office's brochure.

It was like the Colossal Cave adventure game, was walk 6 - full of false paths, dead ends and wrong turns. Eventually I found myself going up, up, up...

Deciding that this couldn't possibly be walk 6 I retraced my steps and tried a new track. At first I thought I'd come good, but then the path came to a dead ed at the riverbank. Annoyed, I went back again, taking a shortcut beside somebody's garden down to the lower path.

With nothing else doing until lunch I went back to the hotel. Studying the brochure again I discovered that what I though was route 6 had in fact been route 5, a path ascending a gully that eventually came out above Flydal. No wonder it had been steep.

I met Geoff just before lunch. "Fancy a seaplane flight this afternoon?" he asked. I did. Apparently flights of fifteen minutes' duration were available from the quayside until 4pm, subject to a minimum party of five.

We set off for the quayside just after 2pm, though without Zay, who preferred to stay on terra firma. The plane was flying as we wakled down. There was a Dutch guy already waiting, so we needed only two more passengers for the flight to go ahead. Then three Germans (a chap and two girls) came along. One too many so one of us was required to drop out. The Germans weren't prepared to split up their group so the Dutch guy left in a huff.

Seaplane waiting for takeoff

Geirangerfjord from the air

The flight was thrilling! The pilot was a bit of a showoff and delighted in taking us through steep banking turns, and heading straight for the sheer rock walls of Geirangerfjord hen banking away at the last minute. We were flown to the other end of the fjord, than back, up to Flydal, down past Orneveg, and finally back at low altitude for a bumpy landing on the fjord. It cost 90Kr, but it was worth it.

Geirangerfjord from the plane

The fjord, and an aeriel view of Geiranger

Land and sea views, and the Orneveg (Eagles' Path) road

After the flight I decided to walk up the Orneveg (Eagles' Path) road as far as the viewpoint as I guessed that the bus probably wouldn't stop on the way out of Geiranger the next morning. It got very hot, and bikinis were out in force again. Removed layer of clothing. Still too hot. Suddenly thought I heard thunder. There was a lot of cloud to the south and east but here on the zigzags of the road it was sweltering.

The Orneveg and its zigzags.

Geiranger from high on the road

I'd had enough. The road vanished around a corner, I'd walked for what seemed liked miles, and it was blisteringly hot. Beaten, I decided to turn back. I wasn't back down to sea level before the sun went in. The temperature dropped like a stone, and I put my wooly pully on.

Just before I reached the village I felt the first drops of rain. It was coming down hard by the time I reached the souvenir shop on the quayside so I took shelter there. People were eating ice creams! It soon cleared up, and by the time I reached the hotel the sun was out again.

The dinner menu in the Union Hotel was the same as that of the previous night. Zay was feeling a bit poorly. We spent all evening talking to the same couple we met the previous night. I never got their names but the young lady was especially nice. Why are all the nice girls married with two kids?

Bed. We would be taking our leave of Geiranger on the morrow.

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