Accessing and saving images

This page offers some advice to those who cannot access the cgi-protected images on my website ( It is not meant to be a resource for those having problems saving images generally. If you got here via a search engine after asking about image saving problems, then you're in the wrong place. Sorry.

Every thumbnail image on my website links to a "full size" image, which in nearly all cases is 800 x 600 pixels (landscape) or 576 x 768 pixels (portrait). Left-clicking on the thumbnail image (or the active caption below the image, if there is one) should bring up the full size image, which you can save to your hard disc if you wish.

To stop illicit "hot-linking" of the full size images from usenet posts, discussion boards and other websites, the link on each thumbnail is not a direct link to the image - rather, it runs a cgi script that will fetch the image from a protected directory. All new galleries will feature this protection, and the old galleries already online will be converted over a period of several months. However, this does cause problems for several viewers. If you're having problems accessing or saving the full size images, read on.

If you cannot access the full size images...

If you can see the full size images but can't save them...

Page updated 2 November 2011