Coast-to-Coast, 13th August 1993


The Gables and Windy Gap from Black Sail

Having started out from Rosthwaite we've climbed to Honister, walked over the Brandreth plateau and descended the nightmare that is Loft Beck. This is the view eastwards from Black Sail.
Ennerdale from Loft Beck

The westward view from the same point.

Black Sail Youth Hostel

We approach one of Lakeland's most celebrated hostels, situated right at the head of Ennerdale.

Black Sail

Not a sign of life here as we arrived. 

Upper Ennerdale

Walking along the forest track in Ennerdale, with Crag Fell in the distance


Pillar (2927ft) rises on the far side of the river Liza.

Ennerdale Forest

Many guidebook writers claim that afforestation has ruined Ennerdale's scenic beauty. Sorry, but I don't agree.

Pillar in retrospect

Pillar, with the seperate summit of Pillar Rock clearly visible, seen from Ennerdale Forest to the west.

Exotic wildlife

Don and his son discover that llamas don't like Kendal Mint Cake.

Ennerdale Water

Our lunch stop at the eastern end of the lake.

Ennerdale Water (2)

The path approaches the tricky little outcrop of Anglers Crag.

Ennerdale Water (3)

Looking back along Ennerdale from Anglers Crag. The High Stile groups lies to the left of the valley, with Pillar to the right.

Marching into the sunset

The track from Ennerdale Water to the village of Ennerdale Bridge and our night's B&B.

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